In preparation to shoot Bernie Sander’s rally at the Navy Pier in Chicago. I went searching for birds to work on my focusing technique with a “long” lens and a new camera body. I was only able to find squirrels to shoot. Regardless, I think I shot the rally well. 

Thanks to the Bernie Sanders campaign for letting me shoot the event!


I went to Montreal, Quebec and had time to visit a couple of great tourist places. Below is the Notre-Dame Basilica. This photo is a merged staircase, the other is the ceiling of the church. I promise to add more images as time permits. 

Colder weather, warmer inside!

I haven’t posted a blog post in a month. I apologize but I was a second photographer at a wedding and I shot a senior (I hope to post my favorite here later). I am thinking I am going to be an average bear and hibernate this winter but I hope to find some indoor things to shoot. I am reluctant to end this blog post without an image, so here is my friend’s pet who is very cute and I hope you agree!

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