Chicago’s cityscape

I love taking portraits of people. Their emotions at that specific point in life, says volumes of who they are at the moment in time. However, we can equally say that the city is also the same, perhaps just a slower rate. Find me capturing the city of Chicago when I have a quiet moment, to capture the beauty of a city. Here is an image that was taken last year.


I wanted to share a post of my mom who was able to visit me and my family today. I hope you enjoy her picture!

New Direction?

I stumbled upon a photographer and was became inspired by his work. As I delved deeper, I learned his work is mostly composited. Composited for me means to bring multiple photos into one image.

I do not have a problem or issue with composite work as I came from the background of photoshop and pre-press—whatever the client wants, the client gets—but photography for me was more the opposite.

I realized that I was wrong. That to imagine a photograph or to make an image, that requires more than what Ansel Adams did or at least the equivalent in a photo editing software.

It was what Serge Rameli did in this YouTube video that made me realize that the foray into composing and Erik Alma’s style and technique was what I want to do with my photos.

I also realize that this is not for everyone but I feel this is where my photography is drawing towards now.

Below is the link that drew me to this type of image making.

It was Alma’s investigation of style that really gave me that moment of discovery. It is a technique worth exploring and to bring a cohesive look and feel to what I personally create. This morning has become a very exciting moment for me and my photography.

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